How much does it cost?

$1 per month for the individual, $2 for the household & $10 per month for business

Why use SeriSafe?

In today’s age of almost everyone owning multiple digital devices it makes sense to secure not only those items but for anything you have with value and a serial number. If you have even been the victim of theft one of the things asked to you by the police is “do you have a list of serial numbers for your items?” Prior to purchase you can check the serial number of an item ‘live’ which checks against our database to see if the item has been marked as missing/stolen or blacklisted. If you find an item you can message the owner to collect (item must be in SeriSafe database). In the event items go missing you can easily compile a report on items and serial numbers to print for insurance and the police.

Can I transfer an item in my SeriSafe inventory to another user?

Absolutely. Once you have sold an item in your inventory you can either directly transfer the item to another SeriSafe account or easily delete the item from your inventory prior to item sale.

Where are you located?

Our head office is located in Tauranga, New Zealand. We are a New Zealand owned and operated company. We plan to expand into the Australian and international marketplace.

Can you save my personal/household/business items for me?

Yes. If you wish for one of our representatives to come to your premises and load all serials into your inventory we can do this for you. Please use the contact us form for a quote.

Where can I access my inventory or my items?

You can access your items to review, add items and report wherever you have internet connection.

Can I upload a photo of my item?

We are currently working on an app version of our website so users can take a photo of their item to add to inventory. This may include the possibility to scan serial numbers directly into inventory using a mobile phone or tablet.

Do you have an app version of your site?

We are currently working with developers to have an app version of SeriSafe produced.

What if I save a number that isn’t a serial number?

For genuine mistakes you can easily delete the item from your SeriSafe inventory or we can help you through removal of accidently added items. We do however moderate fraudulent use of the site and such users will be banned from SeriSafe.

What if someone tries to sell me an item that is owned by another SeriSafe member?

Prior to purchase ask the owner to remove the serial number from the SeriSafe database or transfer to another SeriSafe account to ensure they are the legal owners and have the right to sell item.

Why does SeriSafe.co.nz send me to SeriSafe.com?

As we have plans for international expansion our main site is serisafe.com. Using serisafe.co.nz will automatically redirect you to our SSL secured main site.

Why do you offer the cheaper rate for schools and universities?

SeriSafe believe in not only good education but to also support our education sector.

Why do you charge a subscription?

We need to charge a small subscription rate to keep your personal inventory data encrypted and safe within our servers, to maintain and moderate stolen item processing, customer support and to maintain the ability of the free serial search and found item return.

Is it Safe?

All your data is completely encrypted within our servers. We cannot see your inventory list and no 3rd parties have access to it. This is unless you have reported an item and request us to forward any loss/theft report to your insurance company and the police or we need to remove a serial number on our customer’s behalf. We will contact you by phone and/or email prior to this.

What if I input a serial number and someone else has it in their inventory?

The item will show as saved within SeriSafe. It is highly recommended prior to purchasing an item to check the item serial number through our free search. You can then ask the seller to remove the number from SeriSafe prior to purchase or transfer to your SeriSafe inventory.

Why do you blacklist a serial number?

In the event of insurance paying out for an item that has been in the SeriSafe system we can then ‘blacklist’ that serial number limiting fraudulent resale opportunities. This can reduce fraud in the insurance sector.

Can you see my information?

No. Our database does not let us see the inventory or any of our customer’s details other than name, contact number and email address. If you have reported an item or multiple items using SeriSafe we may only get information on these. This is then limited to contact details and details of items reported on in SeriSafe.

How many serial numbers can I list?

Each membership option has a set limit on the amount of items you can list with your SeriSafe account. Individuals have a limit of 25, households a limit of 50 and businesses are generally advised to contact us to best determine your requirements. Please also refer to subscription options. From gaming consoles, ipads/iphones, TV, mobile phones, tablets, home theatre, computers, fridges, tools, machinery even your wireless keyboard has a serial number you can list for maximum security.

What if someone steals an item and saves in SeriSafe?

We can moderate suspicious activity (multiple attempts to register previously saved items and declined, registering products they have not purchased) and will report criminal activity to the police as well as terminate the account.

What is a blacklisted item?

A blacklisted item is an item that has had an insurance payment made specific for that item by an insurance provider. We blacklist items that have been marked as missing or stolen and have had an insurance payment to replace that item. This in turn reduces resale channels for stolen or claimed goods and reduces fraud.

What do I do if I check a serial and item is flagged as missing/stolen?

Our next update will include a reporting feature so users if they wish can send a message to an owner stating who offered the item to sale to them. If flagged as missing, stolen or blacklisted it is strongly advised not to buy the item.