About Us

SeriSafe was created after identifying a need in the market for a way to reduce theft/loss/fraud in NZ. With the birth of many online shopping sites including Facebook, Trademe and second hand dealers it was found that we could fore fill a requirement in protection of owners to their items. We have created a subscription based inventory database that you can use to not only log your possessions but to be also able to flag items as lost/stolen should an incident occur when an item goes missing or is stolen. We offer a free serial number search for customers to identify the status of item to ensure item and purchase are legitimate and we have a found items category which can enable the return of items to owners through our service.

We cater for everyone from the individual to business and government organizations eg. Schools, training institutes and the general business sector. Our team can also come to your residence or business to log items into SeriSafe on your behalf. We use SSL encryption to ensure your inventory is completely protected. No customer details are held by SeriSafe other than name, email and phone number. Administration does have the ability to track suspicious behaviour on the site and delete accounts not following our terms and conditions.

Anything you own with a serial number can be saved in your SeriSafe inventory. From tools in the shed to home entertainment systems to worksite items and bikes, you can list and protect it all.

Proudly NZ owned and operated.