About Us

SeriSafe is proudly New Zealand owned and operated. Our goal is to reduce theft, loss and resale of stolen items by offering property protection. With the birth of many online shopping platforms, such as Facebook Marketplace, TradeMe and second hand dealers, we identified the need to protect owners and their items.

With a simple subscription-style inventory database, you can log your possessions as well as flag items which are lost or stolen. If the missing item is being sold, a potential purchaser can check the item serial number without a membership. If the item is listed as lost or stolen, they can pass key information on to the police to recover the item and prosecute the seller.

We cater for everyone; from individuals and families to business and government organisations. Our team can also come to your residence or business to log items into SeriSafe on your behalf. We use SSL encryption to ensure your inventory is completely protected. Only basic information is held by SeriSafe such as name, email and phone number. Our admin team also has the ability to track suspicious behavior on the site and delete accounts not following our terms and conditions.

Anything you own with a serial number can be saved in your SeriSafe inventory. From computers and iPads to home entertainment systems, work-site items and trade tools; if it has a serial number, you can list it and protect it with SeriSafe.