About firearm registry

At SeriSafe, our goal is to protect your property. In order to increase the protection of firearm owners and reduce the theft and resale of stolen firearms, we have created a new registration portal specifically designed for licence holders.

Our firearms registry is free-of-charge and is the safest way to keep track of all your firearms. In the event of theft, you can change the status of the item to missing/stolen and the police will be instantly notified of the make, model and registration of that item. If a potential purchaser then checks the status of the firearm, they will see it is missing/stolen and can report it to the police giving you the best chance at having your items returned. You can also directly transfer the ownership of your firearm to another SeriSafe member by using our simple transfer feature.

By choosing to store your items with SeriSafe, you know your property is protected.

Our firearms registry is only to be used for the registration and itemising of firearms.
Protect yourself and your firearms with SeriSafe.

SeriSafe supports the New Zealand Police. Any item marked as missing/stolen will be instantly reported to the appropriate police department. The NZ Police has access to all our records to protect your items and for the safety of the public.