What we do

SeriSafe is a secure online database to protect all serial numbers of your property for security and insurance purposes. You can also severely reduce the ability for criminals to sell-on should any item get stolen.

A free serial number search to check items before purchase to make sure they are not listed as stolen/missing or blacklisted.

To return a found item to the owner through our found items service.

Membership Benefits:

  • Full list of your assets available from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Highly reduce the resale ability of your stolen property with our one click report feature.
  • Found items can be returned to their owner free of charge.
  • Excellent for insurance claims and police report with our print items feature.
  • Easy item transfer from one SeriSafe member to another.
  • Safer buying and selling online.

Membership options:


$1 Per Month
Perfect for Singles!
Up to 25 items


$2 Per Month
For the Home
Up to 50 items


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Retail & Business
Unlimited items

Firearm Registry

Free of cost

About firearm registry

At SeriSafe, our goal is to protect your property. In order to increase the protection of firearm owners…
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