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Sign up to SeriSafe to record serial numbers of all personal/household/business items you wish to secure. Anything of value to you can be easily stored and encrypted within our servers.

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Compile a detailed list of your items through our easy to use system. Anything with a serial number can be added. No one else can see your information and we use full SSL encryption (the same as bank’s use) to protect your data

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Your items are now secure! In the event of theft/loss you have the ability to one-click report the item, print report on missing items for police and insurance while reducing redistribution channels for stolen property.

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For the individual user, perfect for a flatting situation or students where multiple people may have access to your items

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Ideal for the family home where multiple family items (including children’s items) can be stored and protected.

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From small to med business. This includes schools, universities. For large company, government departments or corporations please contact us.

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